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For aspiring students, Alpha Study Abroad Services has created procedures that will make studying abroad a seamless and organized experience. With our international education consultancy services, we make sure that all of our students are entirely satisfied.
Our outstanding education counselors pay close attention to each student's unique needs so that they are not stressed out over the idea of living abroad or overwhelmed by the pressure to make friends on campus. Starting with the pre-assessment stage, where counseling is provided to properly assess the students' needs and ultimate goals, we offer comprehensive consultation services. This is followed by detailed guidance on the application process, enrollment process, housing, travel assistance, and departure and pre-departure mandates.
We make sure that no student misses out on any necessary paperwork or formality because doing so could delay their trip and make them feel less confident. When pursuing a global academic experience, it's critical to maintain control and focus, and we're ready to assist students in realizing their dream in a few simple steps.

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Study in USA

The investment in a diploma from a US institution has been viewed positively by international employers for decades. The Higher Education system in the USA helps develop robust critical thinking skills and fosters a collaborative approach to learning.

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Study in Canada

Canada offers a unique opportunity to study entirely in English, entirely in French, or on a bilingual program. With a population of roughly 10% of its southern neighbor, the USA, Canada has lots of space.

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Study in Australia

Experience a world-class education in a vibrant and multicultural environment studying in Australia. We offer university selection, application assistance, visa support, accommodation arrangements, pre-departure preparation, and ongoing support.

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Study in UK

Study Abroad in the UK: Explore a world-class education, immerse in rich culture, and experience new horizons. The United Kingdom offers renowned universities, diverse academic programs, and a vibrant student life.

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Our Services

Admissions to top Universities in the UK | USA | Canada | Australia

We specialize in assisting students with the admissions process for prestigious universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Our personalized services include university selection, application assistance, test preparation, scholarship guidance, interview preparation, deadline tracking, and ongoing support. Let us help you secure a spot at your dream university.

Visa Assistance

We provide hassle-free visa assistance services to simplify your application process. Our expert team offers personalized consultations, guides you through the required documentation, and ensures a smooth experience. Trust us to handle your visa needs efficiently and effectively.

Work Permit

We simplify the work permit process for both individuals and businesses. From documentation preparation to application submission, we handle it all. Count on us to navigate the complexities, ensuring your work permit application is accurate and successful.


We provide personalized assistance in finding the ideal accommodation. From luxury to budget-friendly options, we offer a wide selection at competitive prices. Enjoy a hassle-free booking experience with us.

Flight Assistance

Experience seamless travel with our Flight Assistance service. We provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey, from pre-flight preparations to post-flight arrangements. Our dedicated team of experts ensures hassle-free check-ins, smooth connections, and timely updates.

Career Counselling

Discover your true potential and navigate the path to a fulfilling career with our expert guidance. Personalized assessments and one-on-one counseling sessions empower you to make informed decisions and overcome obstacles. Start your journey towards professional fulfillment today.

Study Abroad Guide

Why Study Abroad

Depending on one’s chosen subject of study, studying abroad opens up more doorways to potential employment. Studying abroad is a great way to show prospective employers that you can succeed in a diverse and multicultural setting.
ASAS helps you pursue opportunities abroad, regardless of your current education level. Our consultants advise on university rankings, student scores, living costs, and more. We recommend schools that meet your desired degree program and requirements.

ASAS: Expert Step-by-Step Student Guidance

Discover new horizons with ASAS. Our expert consultants help you find the perfect study abroad program tailored to your needs.

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Ensure a hassle-free experience securing a place in an international school by having the right documentation in place. ASAS assists students in selecting the required documents and guides them through the necessary processes.

Application Form

The application form is paramount and serves as the foundation document. It captures personal and professional information crucial for the process. Filling out the form accurately, verifying key sections, and retaining a digital copy are imperative steps.


Clearing the English language test is mandatory for admission to an overseas school. Attach the scorecard to the application before submission. Key tests include: TOEFL: Administered by ETS, accepted worldwide in the US, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and Canada. IELTS: Conducted by IDP for international students, accepted in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Letter of Recommendation

A compelling letter of recommendation greatly influences the admissions committee's decision. To strengthen your application, obtain a recommendation highlighting your achievements, experience, skills, and contributions to the school or community. Seek endorsements from teachers or staff members for maximum impact.

Student Visa

Secure a student visa by fulfilling required procedures. Provide documented proof of adequate funds for tuition, accommodation, and transportation. Initiate the process promptly.

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Visa and Study Permit

Trusted support for your study permit, visitor visa, business visa and immigration for USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

ASAS has been pivotal in securing approvals for my study permit and Temporary Resident Visa applications across multiple countries. With meticulous attention to detail, we expertly prepare crucial documents, including my Statement of Purpose, Study Plan, and more. Trust ASAS to navigate the application process and maximize your chances of success.

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